Latest Phone Number Comments

  • Called twice today, no one there
    by RK - 25 minutes ago
  • call cannot be completed as dialed
    by anonymous - 55 minutes ago
    by MEL - 12 hour ago
  • Associated with email that held my SSN, phone number and email address. Says it is a law office. Came from email address Called the number back and super bad connection with no company just someone answering with "hello". Scary.
    by Not telling - 19 hour ago
  • Caller from Alberta, Canada, with Indian accent. He told me he was calling because my computer was infected with a virus. Scammer.
    by Eden Vaughn - 21 hour ago
  • some guy Brock was there. sounded like collections
    by sko johnson - 22 hour ago
  • Just called me on my cellphone. A recorded message in Spanish.
    by Chris - 1 day ago
  • This prick keeps texting my wife
    by Rick - 1 day ago
  • AACRAO International Education Services
    by anonymous - 1 day ago
  • Craigslist scammer
    by anonymous - 1 day ago
  • Received this email in response to kijiji ad Hi, I am Angelina Paul. I'm satisfied with the price of this particular item and i'm really interested in buying it. I would have love to come for the viewing by the weekend, but My place is way too far from there in which i am located in Halifax Nova Scotia. So i thought of how to make this transaction work between us, which i came to conclusion with my husband to use a courier company to pick up the item from your place but we will send the money to your account first and after you get the money in your account, the pick up company will come to help us carry it. Since i'd not be seeing the item before i purchase it, i would like you to send some recent pictures of its present state to be sure you still have it and its in good condition. If the pictures pleases me, then we can go ahead with the transaction and will send the money to you without delay.... Lest i forget, i would be transferring the funds to you through PayPal. Please reply with your opinion ASAP Thanks. Angelina............ SCAM!
    by Katie - 2 day ago
  • Received a text with a warning from "bank of America": you have two warning alerts. Please call 646-751 8457. I googled the number, it appears to be an invalid number.
    by Tati - 2 day ago
  • Some one sent me a text message by this number. The message said (LOL) on 06/20/2015 at 10:30 p.m. and that was it. When I text back, no response, when I called it said, "the number was not a working number". So I do not understand how the person with this number could text me when it's not a working number??
    by Ms. Davis - 2 day ago
  • This number has called my cell phone for that past 3 days and never leave a message. I tried searching the number, but every website says it is something different. My son called the number and there is just an automated greeting that says goodbye.
    by jrtr - 2 day ago
  • Called, didn't recognize number so didn't answer. They left no message. Jerks!
    by Tired of it! - 2 day ago
  • I have contact with an elderly lady who has been scammed out of over $30 thousand dollars from this number I am asking everyone in my e-mail address book to please call the scammer and give him a piece of your mind. More than one call would be nice if you have the time. And if you would also forward this e-mail to all of your friends to do the same it would be appreciated. We can keep him tied up for days if not months with calls ..... Let us see how he likes to be harassed....
    by Lona Hale - 2 day ago
  • Stop making fake calls and fake interest in purchasing stuff.
    by Kristeen - 2 day ago
  • Rachel from card services. Spam.
    by Me - 2 day ago
  • Call hang-up
    by Jos filculs - 3 day ago
  • Scams on craigslist to get your money no product in return
    by mike - 3 day ago